Safety Tips for California Palms Residents

Making sure you and your family and are always safe is a top priority at California Palms. Living in an apartment carries with it specific safety issues that factor in more often than living in a house, so it’s important to be aware of these problems at all times and know how to combat them. While we take serious preventative measures to ensure our residents’ safety, there are plenty of things everyone can do, as well, to increase the security of our apartment community.

In the spirit of that, here’s a few safety tips that will help keep everyone protected and prepared for accidents, emergencies, or other unexpected situations:

  • Be alert all the time, especially when first entering your apartment; criminals target victims who look distracted or unaware, such as a person entering their apartment with handfuls of groceries or while talking on their cell phone
  • Inventory your possessions, estimate their total value, and keep records in a secure location like a fireproof safe
  • Shrub overgrowth and low or dim lighting can give criminals places to stay hidden from view, so report it if you see an area that’s in need of attention
  • Having an unlisted phone number is a great way to stay safe and prevent solicitation calls, but does cost you a little bit of money

Check out this safety web site, as well to find out more about protecting yourself in your apartment. Remember, always stay safe out there and report suspicious activity immediately!

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